Stripminers Ready Sophomore Album

November 8, 2012 | 1

You might call the Stripminers a supergroup or even a side project. With Brett Anderson of the Donnas and Paul Stinson of the Radishes sharing lead vocals plus producer/guitarist Scrote (Daniel Johnston, Puscifer), Brett Simons (Brian Wilson, Fiona Apple, Melissa Etheridge) on bass, DJ Bonebrake (X) on drums and Holland Greco (Anais Mitchell, The Peak Show) multi-instrumentalist, singer, that’s some heavy star power indeed.

But the Stripminers are more than a couple of friends getting together to play music. Frail Hope Ranch, their latest album, is the second Stripminers have released this year. You don’t spend that much time making music unless you are taking it very seriously.

“Sometimes we’re siblings, sometimes we’re lovers,” says Anderson of Stripminers’ X-like male/female vocal trade-offs. “It’s a little sick, but who wants to hear songs about healthy people?”

While Stripminers’ debut album Movies was all over the musical map, Frail Hope Ranch leans more to alt country with a goth edge. And who can resist a cover of the Zombies’ classic “She’s Not There,” which closes out the album.

Frail Hope Ranch will be out on November 13th.

Listen to songs from the new album right here!


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  1. Thazi

    They are a lovely band. I love their music.


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