Michelle Shocked Shocks in Anti-Gay Show Tirade

March 18, 2013 | 132

shockedMichelle Shocked, known for living up to her surname, cleared out San Francisco club Yoshi’s last night, and shut down the venue, after she went on an anti-gay tirade, which she summed up by saying, “You can go on Twitter and say ‘Michelle Shocked says God hates fags.’”

And they did.

Yes, according to folks who were there – and Twitter – she really did say this – in San Francisco of all places!

Matt Penfield, onstage live-tweeting the performance for Shocked was, well, shocked.

“Eerie foreshadowing at Michelle Shocked show,” Penfield said. “before the show she talked about how ‘people seem like your friends then they turn on you.’”

Her first set was “all cool. 2nd set, she got up went full hate speech,” he tweeted.

Another audience member, @lisahubbert said, “wow, she’s a total bigot and said so on stage. It was unreal. We had to leave. I am so disappointed.”

@anile02 who was also there offered this: “She said she lives in fear that the world will be destroyed if gays are allowed to marry.”

“In retrospect seemed clear that she designed the show to deliver this message,” tweeted Penfield’s wife, Christine.

Stay tuned for more details as they appear.

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  1. wonderfeline

    Wow. Not something I would have expected from the former skateboarder. The first thing that springs to mind is actually, “Methinks thou doth protest too much.” But of course I’ve seen only the public persona. Must be quite an interesting backstory.

  2. apparently she’s a fundamentalist – emphasis on the mental.

  3. jezbian

    i remember a show at bumbershoot in seattle years ago when every sentence she uttered began with “MY HUSBAND….” and it felt like it was some kind of foreshadowing…have seen her once since then (thought i would give her one more chance) and when the G-d word came up numerous times i knew it was the end of my relationship as a fan.

    i will hold on to the first three of her cds i have as i do enjoy the music on them, but no more of my money will ever go towards supporting her again.

    • Jon Quimbly

      That is so brave! Way to show her.

    • rossor

      I’m with you. Michelle inspired me to go buy a guitar and take up music, but as of today I’m no longer a fan.

      Much of her music talks about her struggles growing up in conservative Texas and her estrangement from her ultra-religious mother. I guess she’s surrendered to her past.

    • Bud

      That is so tolerant and understanding of you….

  4. Frank

    After this she won’t be able to get a booking in Branson. She’ll be flipping burgers.

  5. Taylor

    I will be canceling our show with her in May.

  6. Sarah Kane

    Going to her website and informing the rest of her tour dates of this in an effort to get her cancelled. You should too.

    • Rob

      If she ranted about (pick any topic that vilifies conservatives, whites, or Christians), the crowd would have glowed about her “awareness’ and “activism” or whatever. But, free speech is only one way in today’s culture. If you dare believe something contrary to the zeitgeist, well – you are no longer tolerated. I doubt anyone shut her show down when she was criticizing GWB. Sure, San Fran is probably a dumb place to say anything negative about gay marriage, but the hatewagon seems to be running up and down one side of the street today.

      • Arvid

        Yes, it’s like a biblical stoning or something-and why do people put so much meaning to what some past prime pop singer thinks anyway? It’s not like she’s running the world or your life-there’s so much noise in the world already why get bent out of shape by one lone nut voice.

      • The “freedom” part in “freedom of speech” is about one’s freedom to say things, not freedom from the consequences afterwards. It’s clear that she was free to say what she said. And now, we’re free to respond according to our values, whatever those might be.

      • kevinca

        Free speech means that the US GOVERNMENT is not permitted to sanction you for your speech. It does NOT restrain private individuals from protesting, boycotting, or the like.

        You might want to revisit your Civics class before your next post.

      • Hannah

        If she had gotten up there and said “god hates black people” and used the n-word, and people then said they were going to boycott her music and try to get her shows canceled, would you be saying that the hate-wagon only runs one way?

        By the way, hate speech is hate speech when it is motivated by someone’s race, orientation, or religion. Standing up and saying you hate George W. Bush or Obama or any president because you think they’re terrible presidents or people–I may agree on the first and not on the second, but I wouldn’t label either one hate speech (unless it’s clear that the hatred stems from one of the above reasons). Saying you hate gay people because they’re gay is hate speech.

        Are you seriously going to compare “Conservatives suck!” to “God hates fags”? I don’t exactly love it when I hear conservatives rant against liberals, but I don’t put it on the level of specifically racist or homophobic speech.

        • Wil

          Same sex attraction is not akin to race or skin colour. Good for her for standing up for the truth!

          • Michael Rowe

            It’s entirely akin to that. People are born with both their sexual orientation and their racial makeup hardwired. Both can try to “pass,” to use that odious word, but it’s always acting against what’s bred in the bone. The comparison, in this context, is completely apt.

          • rgrace

            Care to explain why?

          • Hannah

            According to people who think being gay is a choice, it is akin to religion. Is religious discrimination therefore okay? And I say this as a Christian. Just not one who thinks God wants us to be bigoted idiots.

          • cinesimon

            Will, what a childish coward you are.

      • Michael Rowe

        Hey Rob, “conservatives, whites, or Christians,” to use your own list, have all done things egregious enough to warrant a hate rant from a has-been celebrity, if said has-been celebrity chose to go that route. Gays and lesbians, on the other hand, have done nothing at all to warrant it, and since Shocked isn’t God’s ambassador on earth, so speaking for Him, or using “God” as a vehicle for her hate speech, doesn’t really cut it on a practical level either. GWB, since you chose to bring him up, is responsible for, among other things, a war that cost hundreds of thousands of innocent lives. He’s ripe for criticism. Gays—eh, not so much. On the other hand, you’re right: the “hate wagon” really is running up and down one side of the street today–your side, and Michelle Shocked’s side.

      • Mare Donly

        Please … don’t confuse bigotry with free speech. And furthermore, deciding to leave a venue because you’re offended is also a form of free speech.

      • Rob–when anyone begins a statement with “if” and follows same with a “would”, one is arguing in the conditional tense–in other words, using something that never actually happened to counter balance what actually did happen.

        Which means that your position is indefensible. Also, it is completely different when a speaker rips into an entity for something they’ve actually done, as opposed to an enormous group of people with incredibly diverse interests.

        Lastly, the idea that Christians in America are persecuted is contradicted by their numbers and their media presence. No one anywhere has ever even suggested shutting down their freedom of speech, but because playing the tormented victim is somehow gratifying to you and yours, you’ll keep beating this drum until the head falls off it.

      • Ron Carnell

        If she ranted about (pick any topic that vilifies conservatives, whites, or Christians), the crowd would have glowed about her “awareness’ and “activism” or whatever.

        Your comparison is flawed, as there are plenty of attitudes and situations surrounding white privilege, Christianity (particularly evangelical/fundamentalist) and conservative politics that are quite deserving of critique. And even fair game for lampooning. Simply being gay or lesbian is not one of these attitudes or situations.

        That said, she has a history of mental illness and most likely conflicting emotions about her own sexuality, so as a flawed (perhaps insane) person, she could be forgiven. But if she were booked at my club, her gig would definitely be cancelled until she made a detailed public apology and got back on her medication. I mean, aside the fact that I have no idea who would book such an atrocious entertainer in the first place.

      • JohnJay60

        I’m not so sure there is an equivalence. If she stood up and said God hates Heterosexuals, I think it would have gotten a similar response.

      • Terry

        Do you know the word “fag” comes from bundles of sticks used in the Inquisition to burn homosexuals in the name of Christ? (Talk about Lord’s name in vain!) I am a gay man long time fan of Michelle Shocked. If she wants me not to have rights, and uses the word fag, and I stop being a fan, and, say, smash and send her loving Pastor the CD shards, is that hate running two ways or self-defense? False equivalency. In fact I dont hate her, I feel for her, and am saddened at alleged Christians acting pridefully and speaking an Old Testament point of view rather than love and forgiveness. She is a no-doubt vulnerable person in sway of a false messenger; get thee away from me Satan! Meantime, you say “fag” and are older than 15, and I turn away, with my ears, respect, and consumer dollar. Look at what is being done by the extremes of Christianity, Islam, Judaism; very bad news all around and not likely borne of religious humility reflecting prayer and an effort to find harmony. #shortsharphate

      • Hal

        Why is it that those on the right don’t understand what free speech is? This is not a free speech issue, the only way it would become a free speech issue is if the government tried to stop her from saying what she said. Citizens taking issue with what someone says has nothing to do with free speech. that said, you’re such a hypocrite, the number of right wing boycotts in the past 15 years is staggering, think about the dixie chicks, and then try to muster up your self righteous indignation…

      • MaineUKFan

        Really? GWB is a particular individual who has taken specific actions on the basis of which one might criticize or, even, despise him. How is that comparable to saying God hates an entire group of people who happen to prefer romantic and/or sexual partners of the same gender? For that matter, how is is comparable to vilifying people who seek impose their personal (often, religious) beliefs on the rest of us? I fail to see the equivalence.

      • Who Cares?

        Well said! There is no intolerance like liberal intolerance.

        • SFHarry

          You don’t seem to understand free speech and why it works so well. She can say whatever she wants but others can choose not to go to her concerts and can no longer listen to her music. Why must liberals tolerate someone who puts down their beliefs. Would you have liberals forced to go to go see her or listen to her music. Personally, when a singer/actor says something so hateful it changes the way I view them and their music. For instance, I can no longer enjoy a Mel Gibson movie because he is such a hateful person.

  7. Funny, I never really knew all that much about her personal life, but I always just assumed she was gay, a la Ani D and Phranc.

    My bad.

  8. R,M. Goodman

    I am not surprised given her weird relationship with her hubby, mister control freak misogynist Bart Bull(shit)…..her downward spiral into weirdness has been going on for years….sad to see as there were many in the music and gay community who respected her.

  9. Robin Einzig

    Well, she’s right about one thing. She clearly does “live in fear”.

  10. Rich Harris

    I’d hate to be her publicist/PR agency.

    • Jinnie T

      She has had many falling-outs with publicists; the last I heard (6 or 7 years ago) she was doing her own publicity and bookings. Well, this ought to lighten her workload considerably.

  11. Jenna



    • Hey, Jenna–not like I feel any sympathy for Ms S, but realize that when people live in a bubble and all they hear is this homophobic bullshit, they start to think everyone feels that way.

      Maybe this will be her wake up call?

  12. mcdermott451

    Michelle who?

  13. Arvid

    Never heard of her but am shocked that she thinks she should have an opinion that is contrary to other peoples. What is this world coming to?

    • taffin

      I remember her — but I thought she died right after 9/11. Haven’t heard a word about her, over the course of the past decade, until today.

    • Bayhuntr

      Oh, don’t go acting all uppity. What shocks people is that she has an opinion that is stupid to have in her business, but she can have any stupid opinion she wants, and we can trash get for it, understand?

      • Arvid

        And there is no such thing as bad publicity in the entertainment biz…..Im sure she’s trying to appeal to a whole new audience far removed from where she was performing. I feel weird commenting on this topic-entertainment blogs always make me feel dirty or something

    • Hannah

      No one is saying she should be thrown in jail. They’re saying that being homophobic is bad, just like being racist or sexist or anti-Semitic is bad. Or do you disagree?

      • Arvid

        Oh heck no, I don’t agree. I think everybody should be nice to each other and stay out of other folks personal business. I dont have an opinion on sexism, racism or any other kinda ism. I just think it’s silly that people just go off like howler monkeys with a sky rocket up their butt just because some attention seeking dingbat singer starts flapping her piehole about churchy stuff and putting down the homosexuals.

        • cps

          Arvid, apathy in the face of injustice is not generally considered a virtue. People “go off like howler monkeys” because, unlike you apparently, they care about how others in our society are treated. Failing to have an opinion on racism or sexism or “any other kinda ism” is at best the result of ignorance of the politics involved.

          • The Truth

            What “injustice” happened here? Someone used their freedom of speech? OH, THE INJUSTICE!

        • SFHarry

          Avrid, I’m curious, is there a subject that you feel passionate enough to be offended if someone say something bad about it? If not, I sort of feel sorry for you.

          • Arvid

            When I see injustice I speak up-yeah,but this event regarding what appears to be a mental breakdown by a confused/sick person is just that. She only hurt herself-nobody else got hurt or dispossessed. Excuse me if I seem so blase about it, but compared to daily real life stuff involving in your face pain and suffering and the struggle to survive, the disordered ramblings of some dingbat folksinger in a nightclub in San Francisco fails to peg very high on my interest-o-meter. The woman shot herself in the ass. The world will go on. The only thing that has changed is the size of her paycheck

        • Hannah

          I can understand feeling like that, but in a world in which gay people are legally second-class citizens in so many ways, I don’t think just saying “oh it doesn’t matter” is a wise thing. This stuff does matter. Not as much as it used to, but it does. Not that I’m saying anyone should make it their mission in life to destroy her. She’s not NOM. But the outrage is deserved.

        • Madsci

          Apropos of nothing, I think “go off like howler monkeys with a sky rocket up their butt” is my new favorite phrase.

        • SFHarry

          Avrid, this is in response to your post below. I couldn’t find a reply button down there.
          You say you don’t think this is important enough for all the fuss or to speak up about but you do think it is important enough to let everyone know you don’t think it is important. You have devoted a lot of your time to posting several times about it. Your priorities are amusing to me.

          • Arvid

            Oh Harry…I was merely being polite and responding to people who responded to me-I get lots of messages in my email from this thread and only respond to the ones directed at me, like I’m doing now. Again, Im sort of amused that this event stirred up so much heat and discontent. Last time I checked skate boarding singers with mental health issues have never ranked very high on the national list of people to pay attention to. There are so many great messages to dwell on, yet people are drawn to kerfuffles like this like they’re drawn to car wrecks and people who jump off of buildings.

  14. This ended up on – and taken off – her Wikipedia site today.

    “In 2013, her career ended when she opened her big mouth about hating homosexuals. Goodbye Michelle!”

    And venues are offering refunds for her shows – canceling her upcoming appearances.

  15. Gary P.

    Right in the middle of a show?? Shocked must feel strongly about her fear, hatred and bigotry. Very sad and stupid. I hope she won’t sell another ticket. Stuff it Shocked.

  16. the definitive word on this situation by rock journalist, Chris Willman, who interviewed the guy who live tweeted from the stage:


  17. Sa

    That makes me so very sad. I have loved her music for many years, seen her perform. She used to be a full on lesbian junky, then came the born again thing, now this.
    I think the church has messed her up but good. so sad, and wow, what an awful person to have become.

  18. Harvey Kabaker

    Might it have been a satirical tirade to illustrate how shocking and repulsive the Christian right sometimes can be?

  19. Joshua Kehrberg

    I have often wanted to respond to remarks like this by asking, “Isn’t it convenient that God hates the same people you do?” In truth I could have some respect for her opinion if she had the integrity to take responsibility for it. But to blame it on God is just pathetic! Neither she or any venue or organization she is associated with will ever see a penny of my money.

  20. Gerald

    She’s Gay!

  21. SGriska

    As a lesbian who’s been loving her work ever since her first album, this feels like a slap upside the head from one of the last people I’d ever have expected.

  22. Jimmy S

    I haven’t seen the video and I wasn’t there, but I have to believe that there is something more to this than they way it appears…
    The Michelle I knew in passing a decade or two ago was not a bigot…
    I’m going to wait for the whole story and hope that when the truth finally outs, it will be a vindication of some sort for her.
    Either way, her story and place in music history are unique and unchanged. She has written some full-on beautiful songs. If I have to apply the Prince filter onto it, I will. Growing up outside of Minneapolis. I learned out of necessity how to separate Music/art from the odious or reprehensible behavior/character of it’s creator/artist…

  23. Bill K.

    When a person pays for a seat to hear someone sing, they are not asking them to give a speech, pontificate, spread bigotry or hatred. They came to hear them sing. If this person wishes to preach, then she should rename her show so audiences will know what they are paying to support. Then again, she has created her own career nightmare and now she has to live with it and her message of hate.

    • From Matt P’s in person account, it sounds to me like MS has likely gone off medication (she was exhibiting sings of erratic mania backstage, apparently). Meaning that she may or may not believe what she was saying, but the internal governor that would have suggested to her that this was not a good forum for her beliefs was shut down.

    • jes

      Actually, sometimes folks come for more than just music. There’s often a camaraderie with other folks (and the artist) who think along similar lines, especially when those thoughts are reflected in the artist’s music or public statements. “Outsiders” who hold other opinions may complain, but the fans don’t care.

      But when an artist does a 180 and preaches against former ideals – it’s gonna hit the fan.

  24. Dan Meek

    Michelle who?

  25. Jim

    I saw her perform at McCabe’s in LA (very small venue) in the early 1990′s (maybe ’93?). She appeared with a MUCH older man at her side (not a musician; just an old dude standing next to her on “stage”) and announced that, thanks to the guidance of her husband (gestures to creepy older man), she was now a born-again Christian. She seemed both sedated and scared. I had the sense that she was actually afraid of this guy, walking on eggshells, working her way carefully through a rote testimony that he had probably taught her. It was not a normal “I love Jesus” declaration. I’ve steered clear of her and her music ever since. I’m very sorry to learn that it wasn’t just a temporary insanity…

    • R,M. Goodman

      That old dude was her husband Bart Bull(shit)…..who had a propensity for laying down in front of her on stage while she performed at larger venues…

  26. BDW

    I always assumed she was gay the way she carried herself.

  27. C D P

    The thing is, she wasn’t just speaking in public and expressing an opinion. She invited people to pay for a ticket to see her play. Then she spent the first set of the show begging us for emotional support, asking us to connect with her, reassure her, applaud her, tweet her our requests and our encouragement. Once she felt connected she told the whole audience, many of whom are gay, that gay people are bringing about the end of times and that god hates them. It wasn’t an exercise of free speech, it was a full on assault. And from her other comments, ignorance was not what caused her to choose San Francisco as the place to come out as a gay hater. She chose SF precisely because it is a city openly supportive of its gay community. She packed the theater then yelled “fire!” at the top of her voice. The nicest thing I can say about the experience was that it felt profoundly unkind.

  28. Elaine

    Hmm, from wikipedia . . . “Her mother was Mormon and she was raised in that faith.
    Her mother had her committed to a psychiatric hospital for a time during her teenage years.”

  29. Maria

    If you don’t like her comments, don’t buy her music. If you do, buy it. I am heading over to iTunes right now. I used to like her like 20 years ago. And now I like her more. . .

    • Bill

      well said Maria, I personally have to laugh at these people crying about what someone else said. I would love to see Homosexuality taken back to the 50′s when it was illegal, if they are born that way the prisons would be way over crowded. Although I feel that wouldn’t be the case because it is a choice and with the penalty maybe common sense would surface more in today’s world.

      • Kelly

        Wow, Bill…you would have done well in Nazi Germany.

        • Bill

          You have me mistaken for someone who hates a race of people. Homosexuality is no different than what the CDC faces daily because it is a plague that is out of control and threatens to destroy the human race. Unlike The flu and other diseases people take vaccines for, homosexuality is a sickness of the mind. Programmed in by the world through television,internet,radio and any other media out there. The only way this world survives is for our leaders ( God help us with that) to see the sickness and call it what it is. I don’t hate people I hate the sins they commit especially when they will affect my kids and grand-kids futures.

          • Kelly

            Bill..I have to say that I honestly feel pity for you. Intolerance is a disease that has shed blood for hundreds of centuries. Just so you’re aware, the homosexuals were also sent to the death camps right along with the Jews. Hence my reference. You should know your history before making such comments. Once intolerance begins, it generally does not limit itself. Anything “other”, anything that is “different” or misunderstood is deemed evil, disease ridden and is too blame for the world’s ills. This is the product of ignorance and fear. Homosexuality is not a disease and has been removed from any medical, science or psychological reference as such. Homophobia however, is still listed as a psychological disorder. (that would be you they’re talking about) One other thing. The human race (heterosexuals) is multiplying at such a rate that people are starving to death already and this will spread as the numbers increase. (Again, do some homework on that) So really, it is not homosexuals who are destroying the world. Your kids and grandkids (and mine!) will begin to see your intolerance for what it is, but will eventually be living in a more tolerant and peaceful world.

          • Kelly

            sound familiar Bill?
            “The basic motivation [of the Holocaust] was purely ideological, rooted in an illusionary world of Nazi imagination, where an international Jewish conspiracy to control the world was opposed to a parallel Aryan quest. No genocide to date had been based so completely on myths, on hallucinations, on abstract, nonpragmatic ideology – which was then executed by very rational, pragmatic means.”

            Yehuda Bauer, Rethinking the Holocaust, New Haven, Conn.: Yale University Press, 2002, p.48. (Quoted in Wikipedia article on the Holocaust, accessed 31 March 2009).

        • wonderfeline

          Awwww… Kellyyyyyy….. You were doing SO well. I’m actually responding to the post you made 3/19 at 3:39 pm, but there wasn’t a button to reply on it. Did you mean this? “The human race (heterosexuals) is multiplying at such…” I was right with you up until that. ={ Human race = heterosexuals? Tsk.

          Why is it that a LOT of heterosexuals think that the sexual organs of homosexuals lose their reproductive abilities? Or never had them?

          • Kelly

            Touche. I should have clarified. The majority of new births are from heterosexual relationships. I’m a homosexual with children and grandchildren, so we are on the same page. ;)

      • Arvid

        I’m curious, Bill, why do think individuals or society should suppress and/or punish homosexuals? What good comes from that?

        • Bill

          I’m curious Arvid, why do you think individuals or society should suppress and/or punish murderers, rapist thieves,child molesters,kidnapping, internet hackers, wife beaters, any traffic violation you want to choose. To answer your question Homosexuality should be treated the same as any of these offenses because if left unpunished this disease will hurt others and lead to the downfall of humanity. If killing were legal eventually we cease to exist, taking a life is no different than homosexuality because new life will never come from that. They are poisoning the mind of the children they are allowed to adopt and anyone who facilitates these adoptions is guilty as well, and should be punished the same as kidnapping. Both are crimes against children. Now if you want to give me your answer as to why we should allow to destroy our world.

          • Arvid

            Oh Im not about destroying my world or anyone else’s world, Bill, but don’t you think lumping the tail gunners in with murderers, thieves, rapists, chi mos and internet hackers is a stretch? I mean, come on, some of them are brilliant and moral people who make great contributions to society and humanity. Surely some broad sweeping condemnation or persecution isn’t only immoral, it’s just plain stupid. There’s always been homos before you and I were born and they’ll be homos after were gone-they’re just people and unless they commit the same crimes other folks do it’s best to let them be

          • wonderfeline

            Excuse me, Bill, I know you’re talking with Arvid here, but I’m not really following your argument. It seems to kind of jump around from place to place, but I think maybe your point is that because homosexuals don’t reproduce (which we do, btw, we have functioning reproductive organs just like everybody else), we should be “supress[ed] and/or punish[ed]“. Is that your main point?

            That seems kind of harsh. I mean, I’m thinking of one of my great aunts, who lived a pretty blameless life, and as the youngest daughter in a big family, she stayed with her parents and cared for them as they aged, and then she lived with her youngest brother and took care of him until he died. She needs to be supressed and or punished? Why do people need to be suppressed and or punished just because they don’t produce any offspring?

            You seem to be really worried about this, but I want to reassure you: We have enough people to keep the species going. Great news, right? =} In fact, we have a population problem on the planet, and it’s causing some problems for us. You might want to check out some things like global warming, or air quality reports wherever you live, or acid rain, lots of stuff.

            I’ve noticed you seem pretty upset about this, talking about homosexuality as a disease, and my goodess the downfall of humanity? It seems like this really bothers you, on a deep emotional level, and causes you a lot of pain.

            I want to share something with you. I’m a lesbian. I’ve known I was a lesbian for a really long time. The way I knew I was a lesbian was that I fell in love with another girl when I was 16. Her name was Laura, and she was a lesbian, too. As futher proof, I have only ever fallen in love with women, for my whole life.

            I was just wondering, if you don’t mind sharing, what was the name of the guy who broke your heart so badly that it made you hate what you saw in yourself, so much so that you would lash out like this at people who’ve never done anything to harm you or interfere in your own reproductive freedom? I’m sorry you’re in so much pain, but it really isn’t nice to lash out at people like you’ve been doing. We’re real people, too, not just targets for you because you have some unresolved issues.

            Take care of yourself, take your vitamins, get some therapy, and maybe give empathy a try every once in a while. I’ve found it helps.


          • Bill

            I couldn’t agree more with there are so many other problems in the world Wonderfeline. I cannot change the world’s view that Homosexuality is accepted , that is there demon not mine. this is a lost world going to hell, I feel your sins and mine as well are wrong and I can only ask forgiveness for mine and pray for others to come to there own understanding. Not looking to fight, rather my opinion only.

      • You’re putting people on here and trolling, right?

        If not, you’re seriously deranged with zero understanding of human sexuality.


  30. wonderfeline

    Several things about this are starting to bother me, so I checked out Chris Willman’s blog at music.yahoo.com that MEOW posted the link to at 3:08 pm, went “hmm…”, and then checked out the Wikipedia article on Michelle Shocked.

    I think people are way off base about what’s going on here.

    I’m a smidge more than a month younger than Michelle Shocked, who turned 51 in Febrary. I’m a lesbian from a small town in Texs, and I am familiar with mental illness. If you take all the “in retrospect”s and “looking back on it now”s from Chris’ interview of Matt the Tweeter, you’re left with something like this:
    “To be that close to someone WHO IS CLEARLY HAVING A BREAKDOWN OF SOME SORT is not an emotionally comfortable place to be.”

    Emphasis mine. This is a woman who is very, very deeply conflicted about her sexuality, and I think I could probably hazard a guess why her Mormon mom had her committed to psych hospital when she was a teenager. It was an extremely big deal, and a very hard-fought victory, when the APA took homosexuality off the menu as a psychiatric disorder (although obviously news of that event hasn’t reached some of the people commenting on his article.) You could be committed for being a homo kid back then, none of this “a danger to themselves or others” stuff we have now.

    Some of the shall we say ruder commenters have called her behavior “nuts” and “crazy”, but I think that’s exactly what’s going on here. This is someone who is not well, and I really very strongly feel she’s more to be pitied than anything else.

  31. Jimmy

    I saw her at Joe’s pub in NYC about 7-8 years ago. It was an artists circle kind of thing where they had 3 singer/songwriters each taking turns. I, as well and most of the crowd, was there to see someone else – Aaron Freeman (aka Gene Ween of the band ‘Ween’). Right before Shocked started a song about 1/2 way through the show, someone yelled out “GO GENER!!” I felt a bit embarrassed for the person who yelled it and felt bad for Michelle. She started crying and left the stage until the other artists coaxed her back on. Reading this now, I almost wish that I would have been the a$$hole who screamed for Aaron.

    For what it’s worth…she kinds sucked. I’m not biased…her music just was not very interesting.

  32. repsac3

    Michelle Shocked was still working?

    I didn’t know…and given the views she expressed, I don’t much care, now that I do know.

    The woman has every right to speak (or sing)…but she has no right to having an audience listen to her when she does either… And I for one will no longer do so…

  33. Dominique Blake

    So sad when people spew their opinions on others especially in such a public forum. As a Catholic, I understand God wants us to love all & judge none. I know that a lot of Catholics continue to judge & want to decide who can marry & who can’t – that’s just a load of bs. Marry and love who you will. I choose to love & not judge.

  34. I love my gays – but isn’t this kind of a Natalie Maines burn at the stake incident? Obviously a person with stability / mental health issues. My mad has turned to sad.

    • Bill K.

      If she indeed had a breakdown of some sort, I take pity on her and hope she gets the help she needs. Otherwise, she has list much and without knowing all the facts my and other comments are inconclusive and reactionary. I regret getting caught up in this discussion and shame myself for allowing myself to react without more facts. At any rate, enough time spent on this particular sad and unfortunate event,

  35. After having read the Yahoo story link at meow’s 3:08 pm comment above– http://music.yahoo.com/blogs/stop-the-presses/folk-legend-incites-mass-walkout-anti-gay-speech-195312874.html
    –I’m inclinded to think (or at least hope) that this is the result of a breakdown or something, and not the way she really feels. I’ll probably cautiously keep paying attention to the story and it’s aftermath, and hope (and even pray) for her speedy and complete recovery if she is indeed mentally or emotionally compromised. While at some level I think that anyone who hates whole demographic groups are suffering from some kind of illness, I’m willing to cut a tiny bit of slack to the legitimately crazy–not that I’ll pay to hear her in any way, and will probably still change the station if she happens to appear on it. Should she say or do anything that convinces me she’s trying to right her sad, sunken ship (by which I mean, actual repentance and renunciation of her hateful views, not a ploy to keep her career afloat), I will be all to happy to offer my verbal (and perhaps financial) support once again…but the ball is in her court. I hope there is a recovery to be had — and that she has one.

  36. Catstail

    Isn’t it shocking that people with mental health problems like Michelle Shocked, fall victim so easily to the right-wing christian types. It reminds me of when I saw crocodiles waiting beneath the trees of a bird breeding colony. They immediately snapped up any falling chicks.
    Remember folks, any one of us can be stressed enough to loose our normal balance. Michelle has clearly lost her mental good health. Let us direct our anger at the real perpetrators, the religionists who dupe the unwell into believing that they have the cure. it is they who are the haters, in all likelihood Michelle is another of their victims.

  37. dan



    the most disgusting!!!! traitor of liberty

  38. Ron

    She could go on tour with Ted Nugent

    • Arvid

      Indeed–now Fox News can have another “edgy” has been pop “superstar” to trot out and show off.

      • Michelle Simply Stating Opinion

        So, are you tolerant?

        • Arvid

          Im generally pretty tolerant, yeah–I got no axe to grind with anyone-God doesnt tell me who to hate or that better or worse than any other man walking around on earth right now. If I can tolerate the most fervent Christians, I can also tolerate the most flamboyant of gays-of either group I have no interest in hanging with-but you know how it goes sometimes-sometimes you just find yourself places and you do the best you can.

  39. Here’s an update on the state of her now-dead tour.


  40. tin

    is she still in the closet?!!!

  41. Amy

    Weird. I thought she was gay.

  42. Renee

    Well! I think the political world is at a real LOW!! We should not compromise the Bible for political gain. “For what does it profited a man to gain the whole world and lose his own soul.” God detest all sin, but if you believe the Bible, read in the book of Romans 1:18-32 or just read the entire chapter and understand God’s wrath against sin. Homosexuality is one of the sins that is abomination.

    • Kelly

      Renee..while I respect your right to faith, the bible was not written by “God”. It is not the word of “God”. It represents moral and ethical teachings throughout a number of centuries by men who claimed to speak the word of God. Many portions were omitted due to political unrest and power struggles over centuries.

      “God” lives in all of us. S/he didn’t give out a handbook. It’s up to each individual to show love, compassion and empathy and tolerance. Sadly, religious history proves that the least loving, compassionate and tolerant act under “God’s word”.

      “God’s” creation includes homosexuality. In both humans and animals. It is not logical to claim “God” thinks homosexuality is an abomination. Since s/he put us here in the first place.

  43. Michelle Simply Stating Opinion

    Just stating her opinion, does not make her (or anyone else) a “hater”.

  44. The Bible says nothing about homosexuality.

    The Bill of Rights is not based on the Bible.

    Therefore, invoking the Bible as some kind of ridiculous defense of Michelle Shocked’s breakdown is another example of the irrational reactionary madness that is the American Right.

    And for those folks, another song!


  45. Shocking indeed. Seriously, this sounds more like a psychological breakdown on her part than a conscious stance. It’s that weird.

  46. Mel

    I wonder if Ms Shocked hates the money she’s made from the lesbian community over the decades as much as she apparently now hates lesbians?

    Perhaps she will donate it all to a worhty charity to ” cleanse her soul “.? .. Oh right- probably not.
    Gotta love those American fundamentalist Christians – they are so fair and balanced.

  47. david

    I always thought she was gay…

  48. sou

    wow. alt-folk and born again christian. twice as useless.

  49. James Nailor

    I am shocked. I’ve followed and supported her since the begging of her career ! She’s always been a fighter for justice and truth. This has really shocked me? Dazed and confused. James Nailor a gay parent


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