The Stranger Takes On Rolling Stone – And Wins!

October 4, 2012 | 1

Gary Smith

Apparently we’re not the only ones sick of Rolling Stone‘s annual “celebration” of “Women Who Rock.” Seattle’s bratty alt-weekly, The Stranger, is too. And they’re out for blood – and laughs.

With “Men Who Rock” The Stranger has created a whole issue worthy of The Onion, brilliantly making the case that sexism is stupid. “Men,” the headline claims with a wink, “are doin’ it for themselves.”

Emily Nokes and Bree McKenna compiled nearly identical parody interviews with Gary Smith (Partman Parthorse), Alex Leake (Countrylips), Andrew Luck (Splatinum), Kerry Zettle (See Me River and Mass Games), Thomas Gray (Champagne Champagne) and Luke Beetham (Pony Time) using the very same patronizing and condescending tone of pretty much every Rolling Stone article that has ever featured a female. Verdict? Hilarious. Even the cover is an homage to Rolling Stone‘s obnoxious 1993 Janet Jackson cover.

“Guys everywhere are stepping to the front and demanding to be heard—and we’re ready to listen.”

Brilliant. A must read!

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  1. wonderfeline

    LOL! Awesome. =}


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