Submission Guide


We are always looking for talented writers with strong and appropriate ideas but at this time we are
unable to pay for stories. If this is a deterrent, please do not submit your work. We are also unable
to reimburse costs you may incur for phone calls, mailings, etc.

We strive to keep the MEOWgazine as unique as possible but are open to reprinting interviews that have appeared in other publications. If your submission previously appeared in another publication rather than your own blog, you must supply contact information for your editor and proof of permission to reprint.

Mail or e-mail a pitch letter clearly outlining the story you intend to write and how you are uniquely
qualified to write this story. It is also very helpful if we can see a sample of your writing. We prefer
receiving one idea at a time rather than a list of five possibilities.

Articles MUST specifically have relevance to our core readership – women that play music. We are not
as interested in what is new, cool or hip as we are with information that will enhance the careers of
artists. Feature interviews should be an overview of an artist’s career and cover basics that outline
why this person is significant.

We prefer:

  • Profiles (or cautionary tales) of female performers in all musical genres.
  • Profiles of unsung heroines who work in the music industry (managers, DJs, etc.).
  • Resource stories: how to write a business plan, songwriting tips, how radio programmers select music they play, etc.
  • Personal stories by women musicians detailing their individual experiences. (These must be highly unique.)
  • Emerging technology and equipment demystification.
  • News that directly affects female musicians.

No poetry, short stories or reviews. Features should be between 2,000 – 3,000 words in length. A photo or link to a high resolution photo of the subject (if applicable) must be submitted with the completed article.
MEOW reserves the right to edit any and all entries and we do not guarantee that every
submission will be published.


We love including unique photos and original art and illustrations in the MEOWgazine. Please contact us with specific ideas of who or what you are interested in contributing.

Thank you for your interest in the MEOWgazine and please feel free to contact us with any further
questions. info [at] meowonline [dot] org.